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Heart Art Rebecca

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Photography, Painting 17 Followers Member since 2006
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Experimental 3 artworks

Just some creative explosions

Flowers of Costa Rica 44 artworks

Costa Rica has the most Beautiful Flowers!

Beaches of Costa Rica 28 artworks

Costa Rica is so extremely Beautiful in it's Nature and has an Abundance of deserted Beaches. I am in Love.

Mother and Child 15 artworks

Two Angels....2010

Nature and surroundings of Costa Rica 21 artworks

Nature's gift

IJsland 2009 42 artworks

IJsland in het wit

Panama 2008 36 artworks

Avontuurlijk en Paradijselijk

Children of Rio the Janeiro 88 artworks

Brazil, May 2007 The children in the orphanage are mostly secretly there. Some have been saved from working for drugdealers, or they where witness of some cruelties in de favelas. They are in the orphanage to shelter from the drugsdealers that might take revenge. In the favelas it is a daily survival from the violence of drugdealers and police. These children have experienced already so much violence and fights but still are able to laugh, smile and play. It was my honor to make these photo's o...

Brazil Beaches 2007 17 artworks

Beautiful Beaches!

Brazil, Lencois, Chapada Diamantina 51 artworks

Beautiful Brazil 2007

Children 62 artworks

Pure and innocent

Happy Bellies & Babies 27 artworks

The miracle called Life

World People 66 artworks

The Beauty of Mankind.

City views 22 artworks

Beauties of the city

Nature's beauty 34 artworks

Every country has its own beauty. I have been touched by the amazing variation of Mother Earth. A collection through the eyes of my camera...

Sunrise & Sunset 45 artworks

The beauty of the sun

Roses and other flowers 66 artworks

The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the Rose

Marriage 15 artworks

Paintings 24 artworks