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sirène - Painting,  160x70 cm ©2013 by gleisner -  
    Nude, sirène, peinture, tableau
sirène - Painting, 160x70 cm ©2013 by gleisner - Nude, sirène, peinture, tableau
© 2013 gleisner

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Saint Raphael, France

sirène (2013)
Painting (160x70 cm)

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About this artwork
This artwork is part of the gallery Peinture.


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Related themes: Painting, Oil, Nude, sirène, peinture, tableau
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gleisner Portrait gleisner     Saint Raphael, France  

bonne pêche :)

JESSURO Portrait JESSURO     France  

les journées sont longues!.., faut que je retourne à la pêche..