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la moutonne, France

IMG_0010.JPG (2008)

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39.4x31.5 in ©2008 by Garsi
IMG_0039.JPG - Painting, 39.4x31.5 in ©2008 by Garsi -
46.1x32.7 in ©2008 by Garsi
art brut garsi - Painting, 46.1x32.7 in ©2008 by Garsi -
28.7x21.3 in ©2006 by Garsi
Une rue - Painting, 28.7x21.3 in ©2006 by Garsi - rue Midi crépuscule fenêtre fleurs
13.8x10.6 in ©2005 by Garsi
Le fumeur - Painting, 13.8x10.6 in ©2005 by Garsi - Abstract, abstract-570, visage fumeur fumée
19.7x39.4 in ©2006 by Garsi
Le rêve du Taureau - Painting, 19.7x39.4 in ©2006 by Garsi - rêve taureau volute sauvage
19.5x19.5 in ©2006 by Garsi
Le guitariste - Painting, 19.5x19.5 in ©2006 by Garsi - guitariste homme portrait musique

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