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Pâmez-vous (2019)
One of a kind, Collages on Paper (11.7x15.8 in) Details

Artwork signed by the artist
Certificate of Authenticity included
Returns Accepted 14 days
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11.8x15.8 in

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About this artwork
This artwork is part of the gallery Fictions /// 2017-2020.

Artwork Type
One of a kind
Paper cutting, Collages
Support or surface
Signed by artist on the back
Signed certificate of authenticity

Collage sur papier (29,7 x 40 cm).
Customisation n°1.
Pâmez-vous parce que Pamela.
Iconique, végétarienne, militante de People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals...

This work is a unique original work of art - Collages by Fredman (France), Paper cutting on Paper. Its dimensions are 29,7x40x0,1 cm. The artist's signature is present on the artwork. This artwork is part of the gallery Fictions /// 2017-2020.

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