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Hadera, Israel

Israeli landscape 4 (2005)
Photography (Several sizes available)

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Artwork Type
Open Edition
Support or surface
Several supports available (Fine art paper, Metal Print, Canvas Print)
Framing available (Floating Frame + Under Glass, Frame + Under Acrylic Glass)

landscape from Neot Kdumim, Israel

For sale excellent quality hard prints with sizes from 8*10" up to the posters. No frame included. Please contact me if you need a size larger then 8*10" or number of the prints!

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©2006 by Efi Keren
Haifa 1 - Photography ©2006 by Efi Keren - Haifa, city, urban, municipal, town, residence, Israel, Middle East, Jewish, Mediterranean, temple, shrine, church, synagogue, building, erection, construction, architecture, structure, house
©2006 by Efi Keren
In the church 1 - Photography ©2006 by Efi Keren - church, temple, shrine, religion, religious, faith, tradition, belief, cult, worship, pray, prayers, cathedral, worship, christianity, christian, ritual, prayer, building, construction
©2006 by Efi Keren
Hi tech architecture 4 - Digital Arts ©2006 by Efi Keren - modern, contemporary, current, fashion, up-to-date, advanced, new, present, glass, transparent, clear, see-through, translucent, brittle, metal, iron, solid, firm, material, building
©2005 by Efi Keren
Evening in Heidelberg - Photography ©2005 by Efi Keren - city, urban, municipal, town, residence, old, aged, elderly, senior, building, designing, planning, erection, construction, architecture, structure, house, buildings, Germany, country
©2006 by Efi Keren
Street painter - Photography ©2006 by Efi Keren - painter, artist, paints, paint, painting, art, create, expression, creation, craft, workmanship, man, person, male, fellow, guy, chap, friend, buddy, colleague
©2006 by Efi Keren
Jerusalem street market 1 - Photography ©2006 by Efi Keren - customer, buyer, client, deal, business, commerce, commercial, enterpreneurship, market, sell, buy, trade, sales, sale, product, bazaar, goods, purchase, variety, choice

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