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My soul speaks through my paintings and my heart focuses on creating magic

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My name is Ausra. I am a UK masters graduate pharmacist and a self-taught painter. I was born in Lithuania in 1972 and have lived in the UK for almost twenty years where I had studied and worked whilst raising two children. 

Since I was a child I had a passion for creative drawing. I remember my mum was worried and she was checking if I was doing my homework or drawing. Later, my drawing time was then replaced by dancing classes.  Fortunately, for the past few years I am living my dream doing what I love the most - full time painting in Greece, a country of incredible history and the birthplace of art. My life now is purely surrounded by nature, which is where I chose to live, which allows my endless thoughts to create the most unique and original paintings.

My passion for art is inspired by every beauty on this Earth, incredible nature, cute animals, idealistic figures and unique architecture. Each one of my paintings are created with passion and thoughtful harmony to make the exquisite scenic painting. The bright palettes of colour dominate my paintings which create power and positive feelings. It oscillates between impressionism and realism. 

My technique is applying many detailed oil layers and glazes on the canvas which takes time to finish perfectly. My work reflects a sense of symbolism. I strongly believe that a great artist needs to have a special combination of technical skills, creative thinking and strong determination.


“Ausra, you got such immense natural artistic talents. Your oil paintings are truly amazing with the picturesque atmospheric settings & dramatic sunsets, stunning visions of clarity and tranquillity. I must admit in part I was inspired by scenic colours and style in your very own beautiful artwork so I credit you for me painting. 100% for sure I would have your super talented work up on my walls in a heartbeat. Beautiful works, such a great detail you put into your work” Richard B, artist, UK.
“You put so much heart and soul into your every painting. I love it and I can feel it as well. Thank you for sharing your talent". Sheila Anna Smith, artist, USA.

"Ausra is presenting a number of paintings with vibrant colours that depict reality in the way that that draws the viewers into the story telling environment. Those artwork are mainly influenced by the movement of "impressionism". Gallery Artnumber23, London.
“I have to say your paintings are a strong inspiration to me. They are so true, mystical, and magnetically magical. You deserve every success they bring you and more.” Joe Charman, artist, UK.
"Beautiful paintings. Your subjects look so real and your artworks look amazing”. David Edwards, photographer, UK.
"Oh this is so beautiful, I love the symbolic meaning behind this masterpiece”. Kamila Knight, song writer, singer.
“I feel you are developing at high speed, from accomplished hobbyist to full-blown master painter. ”Torsten T. Slama, artist.
"Self taught is absolutely amazing!" Lorraine, artist.


Eugeny Lushpin, Konstantin Rasumov, Tim Wilson, Joseph Skala, Oscar-Claude Monet


1999-2003 Masters of Pharmacy Brighton, United Kingdom

Collective Expositions

2021 Artsy New York, United States

2021 "ARTBOX PROJECT. World 1.0" Zurich, Switzerland

2021 "New Era" ArtNumber 23 London, United Kingdom