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Spacescapes 10 Images

Scenes of outer space and landscapes of alien planets

Feminine Studies 11 Images

Portrait variations of imaginary women.

Celebrity Portraits 19 Images

Portraits of film stars, singers, and other celebrities

Scenes and Scapes 15 Images

A variety of landscapes, seascapes, and spacescapes

Whimsy: Mermaids and Other Chimera 24 Images

Paintings of mermaids, faunafemmes, florafemmes, and other part-human creatures.

Biblical Scenes 4 Images

Scenes and tableaux illustrating Bible narratves

Inspirations from Sci FI and Pulp Fiction 23 Images

Acrylic paintings suggestive of classic sci-fi films and pulp fiction

Butterflies 6 Images

Acrylic paintings featuring butterflies and moths

Birds and Animals 5 Images

Painting of birds and animals, both realistic and fanciful

Whimsy: Fairies and Aliens 19 Images

Whimsical scenes and tableaux featuring mermaids, fairies, and aliens

Masked Divas and Idols 20 Images

Imaginary portraits of glamorous masked women, my so-called idol paintings, stylized, statue-like female faces with closed eyes and cool hued complexions, and abstracted, symmetrical, painted ethnic masks.

Whimsy: Monsters, Myths, and Fairy Tales 16 Images

Whimsical scenes and tableaux featuring monsters and maidens from myths and fairy tales

Historical Portraits 14 Images

Portraits of famous men and women and some fictitious or generic portraits

Figurative Scenes 26 Images

Scenes featuring people, some symbolic, others involving specific activities.