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day-to-day steps of my digital dreams 10 Images

Each view is a picture, yet just few of them receive the status of the artwork. Thus I question myself what's beyond the picture? Does art canvases reflect the light or just human prejudices? In any case, beauty is beautiful and each image reflect the light from the underfoot for to embellish our hearts. Thank you for the viewing.

door 12 Images

Wow, as I started to calculate, I have realized how rich I am. I just lost the number of the smiles of people I had luck to meet with. I am hearing ‘Hi!’ under my window every single day. Memory is the magical healer… Love that we are receiving heals us, and the comprehension of the above doubles positive effects hundredfold- the consciousness enables the recognition of personal undeserving of the divine grace and thus the truth awakens. The gratitude challenges us to the sharing of the sunbeam...

my colors 10 Images

Understanding of the beauty makes reports wise, but kills the smile.

Meditation in Colour 10 Images

The sunbeam creates my palette and the artwork reflects the sunbeam. The depth of the steps we leave in life is defined by our love to other.