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Esprit cher - Painting,  30x30 cm ©2012 by Joshima -
Esprit cher - Painting, 30x30 cm ©2012 by Joshima -
© Joshima

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Esprit cher

30x30 cm ~ Painting

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About this artwork:

Related themes: Painting
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© by Joshima
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IMG_0872.JPG - Painting ©2011 by Joshima - Abstract Art, Lumieres, couleurs, formes
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©2008 by Joshima
Trois anges - (détail) - Painting ©2008 by Joshima - Expressionism, anges, spirituel, légèreté, fenètres, bleue, paix, graphisme, transparence, personnage, aquatique, lumière
40x35 cm ©2008 by Joshima
Hexagone 3 - Painting, 40x35 cm ©2008 by Joshima - Contemporary painting, exagonal géométrie couleur bleue circulaire aquatique

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