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CT, United States

Loves Me, Loves Me Not (2008)
Acrylic on Canvas

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16x12 in ©2012 by Allegretto
Red Buddha - Painting, 16x12 in ©2012 by Allegretto - Minimalism, minimalism-606, Mortality, Drawing, Buddha, black, minimalism, calligraphy, style, minimalism, tranquil, tranquility, harmony, universe, universal, modern, religious, minimal, abstract, decorative, meditation red background
10x8 in ©2008 by Allegretto
Hawaiian Pua 2 - Painting, 10x8 in ©2008 by Allegretto - Flower, Flowers watercolor Hawaii acquerello fiori, tropical, tropics
14x11 in ©2010 by Allegretto
Venezia - Painting, 14x11 in ©2010 by Allegretto - Architecture, calle, Venice, Venezia, canal, venetian scene, water, ocean, sea, architecture, italy, italian, italia, travel, tourism, bridge, decorative, modern art
10x8 in ©2008 by Allegretto
Tuscan Gold 2 - Painting, 10x8 in ©2008 by Allegretto - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Landscape, Italian landscape, Tuscany, Italy, paesaggio, Italian scene, en plein air, Tuscan sunset, tuscan landscape, italia, flowers, floral, italian farmhouse, tuscan farmhouse, travel, tourism, modern art, contemporary art, impressionism, Italian architecture, toscana
20x0.8x16 in ©2010 by Allegretto
Piano Man - Painting, 20x0.8x16 in ©2010 by Allegretto - Music, Painting, piano, Jazz, Blues, Club, piano player, piano keys, upright piano, jazz, blues, music, musician, sunglasses, fedora, cigarette, honky tonk, green, purple, yellow, blue
On Request
20x0.5x16 in ©2011 by Allegretto
Latina Jazz Diva - Painting, 20x0.5x16 in ©2011 by Allegretto - Music, Stylized, acrylic, painting, Latina, woman, jazz, singer, blues, stage, microphone, spotlights, music, musician, diva, purple, blue, cantanta, contemporary, modern
On Request

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This artwork is part of the gallery Fun Art.

Support or surface

Giclee prints are available on my fineartamerica site. click on "links" above or contact me through this site. Si puo1 comprarne delle stampe sul sito di fineartamerica. Clicca su "links" oppure scrivimi qui.

Painting by Allegretto (United States), Acrylic on Canvas. Dimensions are available on request. This artwork is part of the gallery Fun Art. Framing options are available for this artwork, please contact us for details.

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Allegretto Portrait Allegretto     CT, United States  

Thank you very much.

Michèle Ribeiro Portrait Michèle Ribeiro     France  

Very original!!!

Dominique GOBELIN MANSOUR Portrait Dominique GOBELIN MANSOUR     Martinique  

I love it !!!! Thanks for my "A table !"

Rémi Acquin Portrait Rémi Acquin     France  

Love it a lot !!

Allegretto Portrait Allegretto     CT, United States  

Merci beaucoup!

yve's Portrait yve's     France  

Magnifique !!! excellent travail, félicitations !!! Amicalement.