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blew-caw.jpg - Mixed Media ©2018 by alainDe -
blew-caw.jpg - Mixed Media ©2018 by alainDe -
© alainDe

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Mixed Media

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About this artwork
This artwork is part of the gallery Nieuwste kunstwerken.

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60x40x0.3 cm ©2019 by alainDe
walking-sister.jpg - Mixed Media, 60x40x0.3 cm ©2019 by alainDe - Expressionism, Aluminum, Spirituality, kleuren, blauw, rood, zuster, non
60x60x0.3 cm © by alainDe
in the box - Mixed Media, 60x60x0.3 cm ©2017 by alainDe - Contemporary painting, Aluminum, Portraits, oranje, bruin, tekening, wit, grijs, portret, structuur
120x80x0.3 cm © by alainDe
david Bowie5 - Mixed Media, 120x80x0.3 cm ©2017 by alainDe - Expressionism, Aluminum, Celebrity, zanger, david Bowie, tekening, inkt, tekst, zwart wit
120x80x0.3 cm © by alainDe
Cloé1 - Mixed Media, 120x80x0.3 cm ©2017 by alainDe - Dada, Aluminum, Portraits, tekening, verf, raster, dada, wahrol, kleur, blauw zwart, portret
©2013 by alainDe
david-bowi.jpg - Mixed Media ©2013 by alainDe - Pop Art, Portraits, Bowie, grafisch, blauw, sollarisatie, pop-art, zwart, bordeaux, zangee, lazarus, groen
©2013 by alainDe
chez-laetitia.jpg - Mixed Media ©2013 by alainDe - Expressionism, Surrealism, Men, vtouw, tekening, foto, blauw, groen, haar, verf, mensen, zwart, blauw-ghoen, lippen, portret

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