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Eve B'Ay

Budapest, Hungary
Artist (Painting, Photography)
Born 1927

Éva Bednay (Eve B’ay) Fine Artist, Painter was born in Budapest, May 1. 1927. In 1946 she graduated from the Hungarian College of Arts and Crafts. Her masters were Endre Domanovszky, Aladár Kazciány, Erzsébet Páris.
At the age of 43 she emigrated from Hungary. She lived in New York between 1972 and 1974. She had several exhibitions in New York, Cleveland and Chicago. After her years in the USA, she settled down in West-Germany, Bonn. During her study trips she visited many European countries. After 1989 she has been working parallelly in Bonn and Budapest.
She developed her distinctive style during the 60’s. Her new way of using materials and vibrant colours make her figurative pictures so diverse. Additional to oil, she also made use of Eastern Asian varnishing techniques and implementing various materials, such as plastic, glass, organic leaves. Her change of style during the 80’s was marked by the usage of silk and oil crayons. She has become recognized with her collage-like creations. She had two large-scale retrospective exhibitions in The Netherlands and in Budapest, in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Her monography has been published in 2010 in Budapest in three lenguages (Hungarian, German and English).

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