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Batumi, Georgia
Artist (Painting, Photography)
Born unknown date
I can't help but create.

Cryptid is a painter and professional photographer. He is an acrylic and oil artist, but he always strives to experiment, so he can use different materials and mix them. Mediums are just a means of expression for him, no matter what he draws.

He can not define any framework for his art. It always starts with an emotion or an idea that gives a boost, and he starts creating. He is one of those artists who can spontaneously start painting on a wave of energy and strength, and he feels empty when they finish. Addressing particularly the different themes like toys, witches, nudity and vampires, and many more his work is distinguished by a new and visionary lighting

Cryptid is born in Siberia. He now works and lives in Batumi (Georgia). He graduated from art school. His work is present in many private collections.

Discover contemporary artworks by Cryptid, browse recent artworks and buy online. Categories: georgian contemporary artists (born unknown date). Artistic domains: Painting, Photography. Account type: Artist , member since 2021 (Country of origin Russia). Buy Cryptid's latest works on Artmajeur: Discover great art by contemporary artist Cryptid. Browse artworks, buy original art or high end prints.

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