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Ara Lamnis

Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
When we look at a painting, we must feel that peace embraces our soul, colours illuminate our face and its shapes open new horizons for us to dream of! This is my gift to the viewer!

Passion, dedication and commitment to fulfil my dream of a lifetime: to paint and bring emotion to the people who look at these paintings.

Always the most beautiful things we have in our life are the memories!

Every time we look at a painting, it must give us that emotional state, which will become a beloved memory for our mind and heart.

I am a sign of water, from the sign of Pisces, whose soul is always in search of beauty and joy when I look around. Water is my center of balance, the earth is the point on which I lean and the sky is the place where my thoughts fly.

When do I know that a painting is ready ?! When my soul vibrates with it and my eyes fill with tears of happiness ... like when you find a dear soul!

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