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Antoni Dragan

Drama, Greece
Artist (Painting, Sculpture)
Born 1984

Antoni Dragan is a pop art artist based in Greece. He has developed a worldwide unique painting technique where depending on the light circumstances the artworks completely change appearance. His paintings are vibrant colors, pop art pieces, and a mix of the recognizable and unfamiliar. 

His sculptures are developed to achieve three stages of appearance. In the first with daylight the sculpture appears in vivid colors. In the second with the use of black light several areas of the sculpture glow achieving incredible effects. In the third in the complete dark other chosen areas will glow without the use of any light source. The sculpture is laser cut steel and the pieces are put together by hand. Resign and several other mediums like are used to achieve the impressive effects.

Antoni Dragan was born in 1984, in Germany. He exhibited his works internationally. 

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