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Andrew Walaszek

Bella Vista, Arkansas, United States
Artist (Painting, Digital Arts)
Born 1954

Andrew Walaszek was born in 1954 in Washington, DC, USA, and he is a contemporary artist currently living and painting in Northwest Arkansas, USA.

He moved to Europe with his parents in 1957, where he then lived in various countries for two decades. He began painting while living and studying in the following European cities: Warsaw in Poland, then called the Polish People's Republic, Glasgow in Scotland part of the United Kingdom, Belgrade in Serbia, then part of Yugoslavia, and Minsk in Belarus, then part of the Soviet Union.

In 1977 he moved back to the USA, where he lived in Chicago. For many years he created art in his spare time while developing commercial software at SPSS and then IBM. 

Since 2014 he has painted full-time at his studio at Lake Avalon in Arkansas, USA. 

He is a Modern and Contemporary artist, painting in figurative, abstract, free-form, emotionally intense, gestural, and expressive styles. Following his artistic training and constantly experimenting and self-discovering, he creates art inspired by historical and current events, his imagination, the new technology he loves, and the beauty of nature, especially the Arkansas Ozarks.

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