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Amelia Latiff

Artist (Digital Arts, Photography)
Born 1986
Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves? ~ Andy Warhol

Art is a form that requires little introduction because we see it every day. 

But its highly subjective and controversial nature turns this field into one that is fraught with some difficulty for its target audiences when they want to access the various artworks’ multifluous leitmotifs and meanings. This can often prevent certain themes as well as messages within these works from becoming clear and understandable to the viewers of any art project.

As an artist, I seek to challenge these obstacles by endeavoring to experiment with various everyday themes in many types of introspective artistic approaches to my art forms. These themes include the struggles around human rights access, sustaining personal freedoms, mental health, and personal isolation/connection. I also hope to investigate various aspects of feminism as well as deal with the conflicting traditional identities that clash with modern day ones that our societies desire to impose on individuals who seek independence above all odds.

Digital art and photography are my chosen mediums for the expression as well as investigations of these examples of artistic ideas or themes. I believe they are the best tools for me as they allow me to create my viewpoints and perspectives the way that I want them to be with little to no fuss. These methods are also great because they allow me to experiment with the latest technology that is available for today’s digital artists in ways that would have been previously been quite resource-limiting as well as expression-restricting.

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