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Edit Zs. Toth (The GRAPH Collection)

Artist (Digital Arts)
Born 1963
“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” (Lavoisier)

My name is Edit Zs. Toth, I am a freelance graphic designer and digital artist, living in Budapest, Hungary. Since I completed my art studies, I have been working in creative fields, I used to design exhibitions, advertising graphics and books. In January 2020 I founded "THE GRAPH Collection" online gallery with my self-designed images. 

My works are special digital collages consisting usually independent 15-20 layers. I like to experiment computer graphics software, with colors, fractals, light effects and shapes. My compositions are portraits, with a special emphasis on the myth of women, balancing on the border of pop and abstract art. The vibrant colors in the background with faces and bodies captivating and looks the presence that catch the viewers attention. 

Digital technology shakes up our artistic habits and the way we approach creativity. Making these works requires the same amount of skill, talent, originality, knowledge, and effort as any other traditional art pieces. These pictures results from long, experimental and intimate creative process with individual possibilities that cannot be accomplished by any other way. 

My artworks has been exhibited in group shows in Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Argentine, Austria, Italy, USA and are represented in a lots of gallery in Europe and America.

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