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Young Park

Hanam-si,, South Korea
Artist (Painting)
Born 1977

Young Park is a contemporary South Korean visual artist. She captures unintentionally occurring behaviors in her paintings, with the exception of obviously recognizable motions and intuitive movements. Park aspires for her works to "become furniture," serving as background music.

Park is chosen as the subject of her work by highly spontaneous intuition. When she lists the objects of the chosen piece, interpretations that convey her to moments that we can't predict pop up all over the place. An unstructured object expresses the momentary mixed sensibility of that moment, which is expressed against reason and universally. She is like a painting, as if she possesses all of the world's emotions; she begins with a chance encounter and expresses her own inner universe at the moment of contact with reality.

Young Park was born in 1977, in South Korea. Her paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions nationally.

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