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Wioletta Gancarz

Adliswil, Switzerland
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
I allow my creativity to flow without any judgment. It's also about curiosity and moving beyond all I know.

Wioletta Gancarz

Born in Poland (*76), living and working in Switzerland, the visual artist Wioletta Gancarz carries the importance of nature and a sense of the sublime into her artworks. It is impressive how she combines abstract rhythms of light and colour, organized in harmonious compositions. Although her paintings are created in expressive, wild dynamic brush strokes, all elements are balanced and energized. 


Even if Wioletta Gancarz avoids figurative forms in her paintings - the background and foreground are one - the compositions, titled Cotton Field, Colours of Heaven or Bohemian Love, are a secret place in which the viewer can connect with something personal, lost in daydreams, imaginative islands, fairy tale landscapes, memories. In doing so, Wioletta Gancarz weaves together the philosophy of abstraction and the spontaneity of subconsciousness.

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