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Valeria Feliú

Salta, Argentina
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born unknown date

Valeria Feliú is a contemporary painter from Argentina. From an early age she developed interest in the creative and artistic fields, attending various workshops and pursuing personal projects within ceramics, drawing, painting, and photography. She also attended the workshop of a renowned Argentine painter, Adolfo Nigro, disciple of Joaquín Torres García, creator of the “universal constructivism” art movement.

Valeria Feliú was born in 1970, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has participated in various individual and group exhibitions in Australia, Argentina, USA, as well as in the Torosiete Museum in USA and Museum of Contemporary Art in Salta, Argentina. She was mentioned at "Young Expressions of 2000" in L. Avalos Gallery, Buenos Aires and awarded with Abstract Painting Award in Loft Gallery, Buenos Aires.

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