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Kristof Toth

Biatorbágy, Hungary
Artist (Sculpture)
Born 1990

Kristóf Tóth is a contemporary Hungarian painter and sculptor. His masters were famous Hungarian sculptors and painters: Ernő Tóth, Tamás Szabó, Sándor Aranyi, István Sinkó, Margit Gerle. 

Tóth’s paintings draw ideas from nature and physical phenomenas, especially the presentation of speed which he displays in various forms. In his sculptural work dominates the theme of sport; a skier, swimmer, swordsmanship, basketball player, skater, cyclist or golf player. Presentation of animals also appears in his sculptural work. 

Kristóf Tóth was born in 1990, in Hungary, where he graduated from the Faculty of Visual Arts of Szeged University.

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