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Tony Rubino

New Jersey, United States
Artist (Painting, Collages)
Born unknown date
Art is an art form.

Tony Rubino is a contemporary American artist. Rubino’s works seek the extraordinary in the ordinary. In doing so he hopes to comment on pop culture, celebrity, nostalgia and the current melees of information received through technology. Some of his works express his joy and love of comic art and his frustration at remaining a relevant pop artist in a progressively ailing industry. The artist achieves these goals by using a combination of humor, iconology, parody, association and dichotomy, fused and juxtaposed to create high quality momentary diversions.

Rubino also contributes cartoons and articles to magazines such as MAD Magazine, Cracked, National Lampoon, and the Chicago Tribune, in addition to his fashion and accessories line. Pop culture, humor, and parody are all present in his vivid works.

Tony Rubino was born in 1966, in New Jersey. Rubino’s paintings and prints have been featured in galleries in New York, Chicago, Washington and LA.

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