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Takatomo Homma

Tokyo, Japan
Artist (Painting)
Born 1973

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Takatomo moved to Los Angeles in his early twenties where he soaked up the sun and a new life overseas. It was there that he attended LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy) in 2000, to study drumming with some of the best musicians in the industry. It was not until much later, coming back to Japan after several years abroad, that he discovered another form of passion in painting.

In Japan, he started taking a drawing class once a week, and gradually found himself immersed in making art. Within a couple of years, he was presented with opportunities to exhibit at small galleries and alternative spaces around the country. In 2009, he participated the World Art Expo '09 in Orange County in Southern California, as well as the group exhibition, “Japanese Spirit” at the Opera Gallery in Budapest Hungary.

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