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München, Deutschland
Künstler (Malerei, Digitale Kunst)
Geboren in unbekanntes datum
Die erhabene Kunst ist die, andere glücklich zu machen!

Hello art lovers around the world, Salut à tous,

merci beaucoup, thank you for looking at my site and my paintings, which makes me very happy and proud!

I am an emerging artist and started to paint a few months ago. But in fact I started to paint when I was a teenager at school, I drew some sketches or I painted with water colours. I did this for a while but later on I was too occupied with my job as a nurse. So, I used to be a nurse for 20 years and that is a long long time. However, I went to many exhibitions in London to see art pieces of  William Turner or Anselm Kiefer and many others. It’s so fascinating how many fabulous artists exist around the world. I use mostly oil colours, acryl colours and sometimes mix of Acryl and oil.
My paintings are abstract and modern. My dream is to have my own atelier one day and to exhibit my paintings around the world! I assume many does...

For one year ago I tried also digital art. I love to experiment a bit. You can find some of my styles. Hope you will like it,

Happy to hear from you! Any questions are welcome! ;-)

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