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Robin Mols

Eden, New York, United States
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born 1947

American born in 1947 in Rochester, N.Y., Mols was interested in art at a young age. The son of a composer and gifted flutist, co-founder of the music dept. at the University of Buffalo, Robin was surrounded by the sounds of chamber music, opera, jazz, big bands and a lively but serious approach to the classics. He realized early on that the history of art and music is synonymous.
Robin studied art and painting at New Paltz State College, N.Y. from 1965-’67. Then from 1967-’69 he studied painting and graphics at Pratt Institute, NYC. An independent study in Europe rounded out the schooling years.
Mols felt the attraction of the West and in 1970, he moved to Aspen, Colorado to begin his professional career in the arts. The next 11 years were fruitful and diverse. Working in film, design, illustration, portraiture, and the fine arts, he developed the highly stylized figures and landscapes, which would become one of his trademarks. This ethereal style grew alongside his veneration for color and the powerful effect it has on mood and atmosphere, which is evident in his current work.
Over the years Mols has lived and worked in different places in the world: Haiti, Chile, France, Santa Fe, NM, Colorado, and New York, where he currently resides in Eden.
Evolving out of the diversity of the post-modern world where one could move freely between the extremes of realism and abstraction, Mols’ work consistently fused the two ends of the spectrum. In a century that has witnessed a complete transformation of image, he has in his own eclectic way, changed with the times. It is the voice within the artwork that is the central character that he wishes to focus on. Painting remains at the core of Robins’ work.
“The range and vastness of the possibilities that can be explored on a single canvas is as great as it ever was and perhaps ever will be”. RPM

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