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Robert Andler Lipski

South Shields, United Kingdom
Artist (Painting, Collages)
Born 1968
"One day I will be just a memory for some people. But my art will be a fact".

Robert Andler-Lipski is UK based visual artist experimenting with a wide range of materials, mediums and subject matters, whose individual style is often characterized as a specific mixture of neo-Fauvism and neo-Expressionism. His artworks seamlessly blend figurative subjects with abstract forms, just as complexity and apparent chaos with harmony and simplicity.

Born in Poland in 1968. Studied Methodology of Arts and Philosophy. Also completed Artistic Tapestry Weaving (Poland) and Artistic Mosaic (Italy) courses.

Robert was early introduced to the nature inspired figurative and abstract painting and drawing.

Despite his artistic career began in late 80's he worked as a fine arts teacher, journalist, graphic designer and creative consultant simultaneously. However, after years he decided to devote himself exclusively to the artistic career.

Robert Andler-Lipski is a committed artist of a deep humanistic frame of mind and exceptionally individualistic sensitivity. Generally understanding of nature along with poetry, elusive emotions, impressions and the beauty of the human’s body are the main inspirations for his creativity.

His artworks are in number of private and institutional collections worldwide (e.g. UK, Canada, US, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Italy, Poland, Germany, France, Russia). He is a Member of International Society of Assemblage & Collage Artists (US).

Also Robert Andler-Lipski is an author of three poetry books and editor of number of artistic publications. Robert Andler-Lipski is known for using for the first time a philosophical term of "stochastism" - as he said - "to somehow describe or to classify" his individual way to create contemporary abstract mixed media paintings and sculptures. His Stochastic Abstracts works have been shown for the very first time during solo exhibition "Intuition - Stochastic Abstracts" which took place at former Bede's World Museum in Jarrow-Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, November 2015 - February 2016. 

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