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Rinalds Vanadzins

Artist (Painting)
Born 1986

Rinalds Vanadzins is a contemporary award-winning Latvian urban painter and graffiti artist. Vanadzins has covered several art trends based on the freedom-postulating hip-hop culture - covering both the rap scene as an artist with the pseudonym RINIS ONE and street art as well as graffiti art with the pseudonym HAWK. In recent years, he has been actively focusing on painting, developing extraordinary techniques in which he expresses his deepest reflections on feelings. Being surprisingly talented, he is a creator and walker of his own path outside of the usual conventions and has always been fascinated by active and extreme lifestyles. 

For more than 10 years, Rinalds has developed a unique artistic direction based on the use of acrylic paint, as it is suitable for mixed techniques. Each work is uniquely handmade without the use of stencils. His sources of inspiration can be found both in the dynamic urban space and in the peacefulness of nature. For the artist working with colors is a meditative process and it’s a journey to which he fully surrenders, often disabling the rational mind. Every work of art has a deep inner message that has emerged as a result of the search for creative freedom.

Rinalds Vanadzins was born in 1986, in Latvia. He has exhibited his works nationally.

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