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Rosina Gaudio

Escultura, Instalação, Fotografia ... 205 Assinantes Usuário desde 2016
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Wood Art 34 obras

I love to work with wood, i,complement the wood and create sculptures.

Polymer Clay Sculptures 36 obras

Polymerclay hardens after being heated in the oven.

Papermache Sculptures 10 obras

I like working with paper. The figures are light, paper is suitable for my bigger works.

Digital Artworks 1 obra

The digital art was created by sculptures made by me.

Dioramas 6 obras

I love to build dioramas and little houses. At the moment it is not what I am working on. All these works have been built over the past 3 years.

Fotografie works under construction 3 obras

Everything has a beginning