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4 595 Oryginalne dzieła sztuki, limitowane edycje i druki:

Discover original contemporary Illustration artworks on Artmajeur

Contemporary Illustration artworks are a form of original art that blends traditional and digital techniques to create visually stunning pieces. These artworks are typically created using a variety of supports, including paper, canvas, and wood, and are often mixed media pieces that incorporate materials such as watercolor, ink, and acrylic paint. What makes this type of original artwork unique is its ability to capture the essence of a narrative or concept in a single image.

Fotografia,  31,5x47,2 in
"PASSAGES" In New York (520) Fotografia, 31,5x47,2 in
©2023 Roberto Cavalli

Origins and History

The origin of original contemporary illustration artworks dates back to the early 20th century when artists began to break away from traditional techniques and styles. This movement was driven by the desire to express individuality and creativity, resulting in an explosion of new styles and techniques. The mid-20th century saw the rise of new forms of illustration, including pop art and graphic design, which were heavily influenced by popular culture and mass media. In recent years, digital technology has revolutionized the field of illustration, allowing for new levels of creativity and experimentation. Today, contemporary illustration is a diverse and vibrant field that encompasses a wide range of styles and techniques, from traditional painting and drawing to digital art and animation. The history of illustration is a fascinating subject, full of important questions about creativity, individuality, and cultural expression.

Malarstwo,  27,6x23,6 in
УТИНЫЙ БАССЕЙН Malarstwo, 27,6x23,6 in
©2023 Viqa Badion

Evolutions of theses works in the contemporary art market

Original contemporary illustration artworks have undergone a significant evolution in recent years, with artists exploring new techniques and approaches to their craft. This has resulted in a diverse range of styles and themes, with many artists embracing a more personal and expressive approach to their work. The importance of these artworks in the contemporary art market cannot be overstated, as they offer a unique perspective on the world around us, and provide a valuable insight into the minds and emotions of the artists themselves. Whether exploring social issues, personal experiences, or abstract concepts, these illustrations offer a powerful form of visual storytelling that continues to captivate and inspire audiences around the world.

Malarstwo,  11,8x15,8 in
Infinity Zoo - Rabbits and friends Malarstwo, 11,8x15,8 in
©2021 Milto Sideris

Related Famous Artists

Contemporary illustrators are artists who create original artwork, often for commercial purposes. Their work can be found in books, magazines, advertisements, and on products. Some well-known contemporary illustrators include:

  1. Shaun Tan: Tan is an Australian illustrator known for his surreal and imaginative artwork. His illustrations often feature strange creatures and dreamlike landscapes, and his work has been featured in numerous books and films.

  2. Chris Riddell: Riddell is a British illustrator and political cartoonist. He is a two-time winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal, which is awarded for excellence in children’s book illustration. His work is known for its intricate detail and whimsical style.

  3. Yuko Shimizu: Shimizu is a Japanese illustrator based in the United States. Her work is characterized by bold colors and graphic shapes, and often features strong, confident women. She has worked for a variety of clients, including The New Yorker, Nike, and Coca-Cola.

  4. Oliver Jeffers: Jeffers is an Irish illustrator and writer. His work is known for its childlike innocence and whimsy, and often features animals and other creatures. He has published numerous children’s books, and his artwork has been exhibited in galleries around the world.

  5. Jon Klassen: Klassen is a Canadian illustrator and writer. His work is known for its minimalist style and dry wit, and often features animals and other natural elements. He has won numerous awards for his children’s books, including the Caldecott Medal.

These contemporary illustrators have made a significant impact on the art world through their unique styles, subject matter, and use of mediums. They continue to inspire and influence both aspiring and established artists in the field of illustration.

Malarstwo,  39,4x39,4 in
Sereine sirène Malarstwo, 39,4x39,4 in
©2023 Siger Bzh

Notable original contemporary Illustration artworks

The contemporary art scene is filled with incredible illustrations that capture the essence of our times. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous ones.

One of the most famous contemporary illustrations is "The Arrival" by Shaun Tan. Created in 2006, this wordless graphic novel tells the story of an immigrant’s journey to a new land. Through hauntingly beautiful illustrations, Tan captures the loneliness, hope, and fear that come with starting anew in an unfamiliar place.

Another well-known contemporary illustration is "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein. First published in 1964, this beloved children’s book tells the story of a tree that gives everything it has to a boy who grows up to become an old man. Silverstein’s playful, whimsical illustrations perfectly capture the tree’s love and sacrifice.

In 2014, artist Kadir Nelson created "Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans," a stunningly illustrated book that traces the history of African Americans in the United States. Nelson’s bold, vibrant illustrations bring to life the struggles and triumphs of this important community.

Finally, we can’t talk about contemporary illustrations without mentioning the work of illustrator and author Chris Riddell. From his intricate black-and-white drawings in "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman, to his whimsical illustrations in "The Edge Chronicles" series by Paul Stewart, Riddell’s work is instantly recognizable and beloved by readers of all ages.

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Fotografia zatytułowany „"PASSAGES" In New Y…” autorstwa Roberto Cavalli, Oryginalna praca, Fotografia cyfrowa
"PASSAGES" In New York (520) - Fotografia, 31,5x47,2 in ©2023 autorstwa Roberto Cavalli - Illustration, illustration-600, Kino, newyork, graffiti, murales, skate, surf, america, red, green, blue, white, black, robertocavalli, contengospazio, studiocontengospazio, passages, nikon, multiexposure, canon, leica, london
""PASSAGES" In New York (520)"

Fotografia | 31,5x47,2 in

1 889,71 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Sereine sirène” autorstwa Siger Bzh, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama noszy
Sereine sirène - Malarstwo, 39,4x39,4 in ©2023 autorstwa Siger Bzh - Illustration, illustration-600, Portrety kobiet, sirène, poisson, femme, légende, marie-morgane
"Sereine sirène"

Akryl na Płótno lniane | 39,4x39,4 in

4 501,13 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Dancing Tree No. 2” autorstwa Christian Evers, Oryginalna praca, Akwarela Zamontowany na Inny sztywn…
Dancing Tree No. 2 - Malarstwo, 15,8x19,7 in ©2023 autorstwa Christian Evers - Illustration, illustration-600, Architektura, japan, sumi-e, ink, tree, asia, zen, watercolor
"Dancing Tree No. 2"

Akwarela na Karton | 15,8x19,7 in

1 461,91 USD
Fotografia zatytułowany „Wanderer” autorstwa Magdalena Mienko, Oryginalna praca, Fotografia cyfrowa
Wanderer - Fotografia, 27,6x39,4 in ©2023 autorstwa Magdalena Mienko - Illustration, illustration-600, Krajobraz, wanderer, people, hike, wandering, search, goal, walking, relaxation, passion, mountains, alps, lake, water, glacial lake, grass, mountainside, nature, landscape

Fotografia | 27,6x39,4 in

7 171,33 USD
Rysunek zatytułowany „El misógino” autorstwa Miguel Rojas, Oryginalna praca, Grafit
El misógino - Rysunek, 11,7x8,3 in ©2023 autorstwa Miguel Rojas - Illustration, illustration-600, fantastyczny, Dibujo, Gafito, Lápiz, Papel, Ilustración, Figurativo, Surrealismo, Gato, Mujer, Golondrina, Árbol, Fantástico
"El misógino"

Grafit na Papier | 11,7x8,3 in

232,95 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „perroquets” autorstwa Pierre Prat, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama noszy
perroquets - Malarstwo, 31,5x31,5 in ©2023 autorstwa Pierre Prat - Illustration, illustration-600, Ptak, perroquets, nature, pop art, couleurs, unique, originale

Akryl na Płótno | 31,5x31,5 in

1 145,15 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Something Tempting” autorstwa Oberlin The Artist, Oryginalna praca, Akryl
Something Tempting - Malarstwo, 30x24 in ©2022 autorstwa Oberlin The Artist - Illustration, illustration-600, Zwierzę, something, tempting, death, life, deer, arrow, hunter, dead, leaves, forrest, decay, light, dark, contrast, line, movement, tree, time, force, ending
"Something Tempting"

Akryl na Płótno | 30x24 in

75 143 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „The Big bank.” autorstwa Stanley Mishkin, Oryginalna praca, Olej Zamontowany na Drewniana rama noszy
The Big bank. - Malarstwo, 28x18 in ©2005 autorstwa Stanley Mishkin - Illustration, illustration-600, Kolorowy, Landscape
"The Big bank."

Olej na Płótno | 28x18 in

3 055,54 USD
Rysunek zatytułowany „Rain is coming” autorstwa Thibault Cernaix, Oryginalna praca, Atrament
Rain is coming - Rysunek, 16,5x11,7 in ©2023 autorstwa Thibault Cernaix - Illustration, illustration-600, Kobiece akty, pin-up, aviation art, canadair pin-up, pin-up aviation, aviation illustration, pin-up illustration
"Rain is coming"

Atrament na Papier | 16,5x11,7 in

422,36 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „The Old Building” autorstwa Koen De Weerdt, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama no…
The Old Building - Malarstwo, 24x18,1 in ©2021 autorstwa Koen De Weerdt - Illustration, illustration-600, Miasto, New York, Buildings, Hopper
"The Old Building"

Akryl na Płótno | 24x18,1 in

1 528,32 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „The Beach” autorstwa Kelley Hudson, Oryginalna praca, Akryl
The Beach - Malarstwo, 36x28 in ©2023 autorstwa Kelley Hudson - Illustration, illustration-600, Krajobraz, beach, california, san diego, encinitas, beach scene, ocean, water, marine, photorealism, realism, vacation, summer, sunny, bright, colorful
"The Beach"

Akryl na Płótno | 36x28 in

4 062 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Старый дом. Кража о…” autorstwa Анатолий Козельский, Oryginalna praca, Olej
Старый дом. Кража огня. - Malarstwo, 30,3x24 in ©2023 autorstwa Анатолий Козельский - Illustration, illustration-600, fantastyczny, дом, огонь, очаг, похищение, истории, сплетни
"Старый дом. Кража огня."

Olej na Płótno | 30,3x24 in

2 818,24 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „УТИНЫЙ БАССЕЙН” autorstwa Viqa Badion, Oryginalna praca, Olej
УТИНЫЙ БАССЕЙН - Malarstwo, 27,6x23,6 in ©2023 autorstwa Viqa Badion - Illustration, illustration-600, Pop kultura, drake, red, popart, donaldduck, disnei, fire, сюрреализм, movie, deadpool, duckpool

Olej na Płótno | 27,6x23,6 in

2 276,15 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „La moto de Mario” autorstwa Fabrice Hubert, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama no…
La moto de Mario - Malarstwo, 27,6x27,6 in ©2023 autorstwa Fabrice Hubert - Illustration, illustration-600, Gra wideo
"La moto de Mario"

Akryl na Płótno | 27,6x27,6 in

1 584,92 USD
Fotografia zatytułowany „"A Walk in NY" poly…” autorstwa Macha De Bonneville, Oryginalna praca, Fotografia cyfrowa Zamontowa…
"A Walk in NY" polyptyque - Fotografia, 23,6x19,7 in ©2019 autorstwa Macha De Bonneville - Illustration, illustration-600, Miasto, New York, Pont, Brooklyn, Geometrie, lignes, surimpression, batiment, building, gratte ciel, americain, drapeau
""A Walk in NY" polyptyque"

Fotografia | 23,6x19,7 in

5 760,57 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Urbanidad en Formas…” autorstwa Guillermo Miguelez, Oryginalna praca, Olej
Urbanidad en Formas y Líneas - Malarstwo, 59,1x45,7 in ©2018 autorstwa Guillermo Miguelez - Illustration, illustration-600, Architektura, Estructuras, Líneas, Arte Contemporáneo, Perspectivismo, Ilusiones Visuales, Arquitectura Artística, Urbanidad, Arte Conceptual, Formas, Complicidad Visual, Transformación Perceptual, Composición Intrincada, Exploración Espacial, Reinterpretación Visual, Simetría Asimétrica, Perspectivas Ocultas, Arte Interactivo, Asombro Visual, Creatividad, Belleza Estética
"Urbanidad en Formas y Líneas"

Olej na Płótno | 59,1x45,7 in

4 353,09 USD
3 894,81 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Forever Young” autorstwa Patrizia Salles, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama noszy
Forever Young - Malarstwo, 39,4x27,6 in ©2023 autorstwa Patrizia Salles - Illustration, illustration-600, Portrety kobiet, 2023, Patrizia Salles, painting, portrait, selfportrait, yellow, pink, blue, acqua, face, expression, colorful, expressive, woman, lady, bright, vibrant
"Forever Young"

Akryl na Płótno | 39,4x27,6 in

5 118,33 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „El balcón” autorstwa Joana Bisquert Mari, Oryginalna praca, Akryl
El balcón - Malarstwo, 39,4x31,9 in ©2023 autorstwa Joana Bisquert Mari - Illustration, illustration-600, Życie codzienne, interior, holsoe, hammershoi, xabia
"El balcón"

Akryl na Drewno | 39,4x31,9 in

2 224,98 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Amore senza confini” autorstwa Luca Speranza, Oryginalna praca, Olej
Amore senza confini - Malarstwo, 23,6x15,8 in ©2020 autorstwa Luca Speranza - Illustration, illustration-600, Ryba
"Amore senza confini"

Olej na Drewno | 23,6x15,8 in

563,87 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „MOON AT THE WINDOW” autorstwa Shaheera Sandhu, Oryginalna praca, Olej
MOON AT THE WINDOW - Malarstwo, 16x12 in ©2023 autorstwa Shaheera Sandhu - Illustration, illustration-600, Architektura, night painting, Oil Painting, full moon art, MOON AT THE WINDOW, night scene, night oil painting, window oil painting, window painting

Olej na Płótno | 16x12 in

891,52 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Baatagonia” autorstwa Mervyn Tay, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama noszy
Baatagonia - Malarstwo, 19,7x19,7 in ©2023 autorstwa Mervyn Tay - Illustration, illustration-600, Zwierzę, patagonia, argentina, chile, sheep

Akryl na Płótno | 19,7x19,7 in

1 599,29 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Mickey mouse” autorstwa Katwrina Golban, Oryginalna praca, Akwarela
Mickey mouse - Malarstwo, 39,4x27,6 in ©2023 autorstwa Katwrina Golban - Illustration, illustration-600, Życie codzienne, MICKEY, MOUSE, NATURE, MOOD, NFT, PAINTING
"Mickey mouse"

Akwarela na Papier | 39,4x27,6 in

1 294,28 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Rysunek zatytułowany „Summer condition” autorstwa Arina Serebriakova, Oryginalna praca, Ołówek
Summer condition - Rysunek, 11,7x8,3 in ©2023 autorstwa Arina Serebriakova - Illustration, illustration-600, Krajobraz, pencil, landscape, city, berlin, summer, hot day
"Summer condition"

Ołówek na Papier | 11,7x8,3 in

251,45 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „“Le Balafoniste”” autorstwa Irina Condé, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama noszy
“Le Balafoniste” - Malarstwo, 39,4x31,5 in ©2016 autorstwa Irina Condé - Illustration, illustration-600, Afryka
"“Le Balafoniste”"

Akryl na Płótno | 39,4x31,5 in

5 456,87 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Infinity Zoo - Rabb…” autorstwa Milto Sideris, Oryginalna praca, Marker
Infinity Zoo - Rabbits and friends - Malarstwo, 11,8x15,8 in ©2021 autorstwa Milto Sideris - Illustration, illustration-600, Zwierzę
"Infinity Zoo - Rabbits and friends"

Marker na Papier | 11,8x15,8 in

5 567,57 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Les filles du sud……” autorstwa Olivier Messas, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama…
Les filles du sud… (EN SCÈNE 2021) - Malarstwo, 31,5x31,5 in ©2021 autorstwa Olivier Messas - Illustration, illustration-600, Pop kultura, fashion, moez, stylisme, femme, fille, dressing, garde de robe, vêtement, féminité
"Les filles du sud… (EN SCÈNE 2021)"

Akryl na Płótno | 31,5x31,5 in

1 991,93 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „VeranoKing Hybr” autorstwa Tinge, Oryginalna praca, Atrament
VeranoKing Hybr - Malarstwo, 23,9x18 in ©2023 autorstwa Tinge - Illustration, illustration-600, Geometryczny, angles, triangles, chernobyl, linear, pen ink, inking, designo, grinding, limit, Statues, Focused, hybrid, process, Roma, Layers, Robe, Hooded, Figure, geometry, spaghetti western
"VeranoKing Hybr"

Atrament na Płótno | 23,9x18 in

2 998 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Nudo di donna a col…” autorstwa 3dld Art, Oryginalna praca, Malarstwo cyfrowe
Nudo di donna a colori - Malarstwo, 27,6x27,6 in ©2023 autorstwa 3dld Art - Illustration, illustration-600, Kobiece akty, mudo, erotic woman, erotic nacked, woman body, sex
"Nudo di donna a colori"

Malarstwo cyfrowe na Płótno | 27,6x27,6 in

3 162,22 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Obrazy i ryciny zatytułowany „L'ombre verte/ Lumi…” autorstwa Jeff Andreotti, Oryginalna praca, Linoryty
L'ombre verte/ Lumiére - Obrazy i ryciny, 11,4x8,3 in ©2020 autorstwa Jeff Andreotti - Illustration, illustration-600, Kolorowy
"L'ombre verte/ Lumiére"

Obrazy i ryciny na Papier | 11,4x8,3 in

283,02 USD
Rysunek zatytułowany „Wrong Tadpole” autorstwa Victor Molev, Oryginalna praca, Atrament
Wrong Tadpole - Rysunek, 11,8x9,1 in ©2023 autorstwa Victor Molev - Illustration, illustration-600, Dark-Fantasy, Головастик, Рыба, Oxymoron, Дарвинизм, гротеск, юмор
"Wrong Tadpole"

Atrament na Papier | 11,8x9,1 in

632,05 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „MV Agusta 500-3 Evo…” autorstwa D-Marko-O, Oryginalna praca, Akryl
MV Agusta 500-3 Evoluzione - Malarstwo, 23,6x31,5 in ©2016 autorstwa D-Marko-O - Illustration, illustration-600, Motocykl, ITALIAN, GRND PRIX, MOTO GP, AGUSTA
"MV Agusta 500-3 Evoluzione"

Akryl na Płótno | 23,6x31,5 in

2 047,55 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Rysunek zatytułowany „Sir Fish-Footman fr…” autorstwa Arnaud Dubois, Oryginalna praca, Atrament
Sir Fish-Footman from Alice in Wonderland - Rysunek, 19,7x25,6 in ©2023 autorstwa Arnaud Dubois - Illustration, illustration-600, Zwierzę, Alice in Wonderland, The Fish-Footman
"Sir Fish-Footman from Alice in Wonderland"

Atrament na Papier | 19,7x25,6 in

1 827,67 USD
Grafika cyfrowa / sztuka generowana cyfrowo zatytułowany „Sirius Beach” autorstwa Mike Pi, Oryginalna praca, Malarstwo cyfro…
Sirius Beach - Grafika cyfrowa / sztuka generowana cyfrowo, 19,7x19,7 in ©2023 autorstwa Mike Pi - Illustration, illustration-600, Plaża, paradisiaque, plage, eau, mere, soleil, bleu, montagne
"Sirius Beach"

Grafika cyfrowa / sztuka generowana cyfrowo | 19,7x19,7 in

2 241,31 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „ICONOSTAS” autorstwa Corina Perianu, Oryginalna praca, Olej
ICONOSTAS - Malarstwo, 31,5x31,5 in ©2019 autorstwa Corina Perianu - Illustration, illustration-600, Architektura, FORMART, CORINA PERIANU, ROMANIAN CHURCH, ROMANIAN PAINTER, MOBU

Olej na Płótno | 31,5x31,5 in

1 797,04 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Feuille à bicyclett…” autorstwa Jocelyne Deschamps-Kus, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewn…
Feuille à bicyclette ! - Malarstwo, 11,8x11,8 in ©2023 autorstwa Jocelyne Deschamps-Kus - Illustration, illustration-600, Science fiction, scène de genre, feuille, paysage, vélo, bicyclette, contemporain, humour, naïf, surréaliste, expressionnisme
"Feuille à bicyclette !"

Akryl na Płótno | 11,8x11,8 in

471,34 USD
Rysunek zatytułowany „Автопортрет” autorstwa Dani Alexsandrova, Oryginalna praca, Conté
Автопортрет - Rysunek, 11,6x8,9 in ©2023 autorstwa Dani Alexsandrova - Illustration, illustration-600, Portrety kobiet, портрет, фешен, арт, современное искусство, рисунок, иллюстрация, fashion, moda, illustration, contemporaryart, design

Conté na Papier | 11,6x8,9 in

1 176,37 USD