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Paul Pinzarrone

Machesney Park, Illinois, United States
Artist (Digital Arts)
Born unknown date
To be art, it must be new.

Paul Pinzarrone is a digital artist living in northern Illinois. For many years, he was an airbrush artist, working with Plexiglas, bronzing powders and acrylic lacquers. His work has been shown at the Art Institute of Chicago, many national juried shows and has been represented in many collections. He received his BFA from University of Illinois in painting, preferring to explore newer methods of painting and photography. He brings an exploration of intense color and play in another world into his work. He considers his body of work as an album of snapshots from his window. He studied post-graduate at University of WI and Northern IL University. 

On medium and process:
"I paint with digital brushes on computer screens. I use many painting, drawing and fractal software packages to ‘airbrush’ layers of textureless color and patterns. My finished high color works are printed at high resolution on smooth paper, onto high gloss aluminum or onto metallic paper mounted to the backside of clear Plexiglas. For subtle color, I prefer the paper surfaces, sometimes working back into the print with airbrush and acrylic paint. For rich deep blacks and rich color, I prefer printing on high gloss aluminum. For metallic, bright and intense color, I like printing on metallic paper, mounted onto the back side of Plexiglas. Each piece is unique, a one-off…. #1 of an edition of 1. Each piece isn’t complete until signed, wrapped in plastic and ready to hang."
On what inspires this artwork:
"I am taken with smooth, textureless perfection. Symmetry found in churches, religious icons and of most life forms influence my work. My work draws from life forms under a microscope, from science fiction/science illustration and from a spiritualism not bound to earthly stuff. These are my playgrounds."

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