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Pascal Roy

Cuernavaca, Mexico
Artist (Painting)
Born 1963
Hello and welcome to my job. I am a traditional oil painter. I enjoy painting the human form. I've learned that each of us has our own special story

The Surrealistic painter of Canadian origin Pascal Roy decided to live in Cuernavaca; perhaps the benign climate and natural beauty of the landscapes have become an incentive for its hedonism since the main purpose of Roy’s work of is to create a world of undeniable beauty. Surprising task that requires a strong dose of valence when all his contemporaries appear to have proposed a creation based on the dark side of life and an obvious lack of interest in technical plastic. Rather Pascal Roy uses technical language close to that of the Renaissance masters, while its themes are strongly linked to a modern point of view, in the worst sense of the word, "what is fashionable", slender and beautiful creatures, happy children and the whole paraphernalia of the New Age. A magnificent work of aesthetic pleasure that will attract the eyes searching for beauty.

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