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Nataly Mikhailiuk

Himki Moscow, Russia
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born 1977
It's all about Love

This story is a story of one little girl that has begun in the previous century. In her childhood she was carried away by the novels of Dumas, Maurois, Zweig. She has visited the palaces of Versailles and Westminster in her wishes. Natalya’s dreams took her to the Alps and the Atlantic coast, to Rome and Dresden. But, alas, she could enjoy their architecture in the books only, since she grew up in the country closed with the ‘Iron Curtain’.

That’s why, probably, the chance to travel over the world has made grown up Natalya so happy! The carrier choice that she made played an important part, since it was associated with business trips to other countries. She has visited more than 50 countries till now.

Nature, architecture, way of thinking, every-day life pictures, ancient streets of the European cities – all of that was kept in the memory and a desire to put it on a canvas arose.

The wish to keep the places that she carefully selected from all parts of the world, the places that affected her at the moment, transformed into a desire to share these places, her admiration and enthusiasm with other people. Academic art education and an opportunity to take lessons from the best painters and constantly improve and develop her painting skills helped a lot to fulfill this wish…

Natalya’s works are inspired by beauty and the world around and the internal harmony with that little girl that has fulfilled her dream.

Today her works are in private collections all around the world.

She continues painting every day - it's just her way of living.

Now her artworks are found in many private and corporate collections around the world.

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