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Michel Testard

Artiste (Peinture)
Né(e) en 1950
Figurative artist, inspired by twenty years lived in India

I work between the Val du Loir, Paris and India where I had been living for twenty years and from which I draw most of my inspiration. Venerable ruins, mysterious interiors, prolific jungle, shimmering colors and above all the people of India, so diverse and full of humanity.

My work comes from wandering travels throughout twenty states of India, by train, car and motorcycle. I used to make quick sketches or took photos of the scenes, events which stroke me and I transformed them into paintings when back in my studio.

Originally a business consultant, I am essentially self taught in painting but also trained by the Ateliers de la Ville de Paris. I started to show my work in India, then moved back to France. Critics see my work as non conceptual but imaginative, spontaneous and somewhat eclectic. I do draw some inspiration from Masters like  Manet, Matisse, Valloton or Gauguin.

Découvrez les oeuvres d'art contemporain de Michel Testard, parcourez les oeuvres d'art récentes et achetez en ligne. Catégories: artistes contemporains français (né(e) en 1950). Domaines artistiques: Peinture. Type de compte: Artiste , membre depuis 2023 (Pays d'origine France). Achetez les dernières œuvres de Michel Testard sur Artmajeur: Découvrez de superbes oeuvres par l'artiste contemporain Michel Testard. Parcourez ses oeuvres d'art, achetez des oeuvres originales ou des impressions haut de gamme.

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