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Mat Van Dillen

Brussel, Belgium
Artist (Painting)
Born 1953

I was born in the Netherlands in 1953.
As small boy I was always very creative and liked to take things apart.
Putting it together was another matter and that was often not appreciated by my brothers and sisters.
I finished technical school and started working in research for several years. It was at that moment that I realized I needed something more expressive in life and I involved myself in more creative thing such as drawing and painting.
After my period as a researcher I went to Tanzania as a volunteer in a technical school - and there I continued painting.
Following my stay in Africa (Tanzania and Djibouti), I spent many years in Brussels where I took academic painting courses (Portaelsschool at Vilvoorde). There I got my higher degree in painting and participated in several expositions.
At this moment I am living Mali where I continue to discover african colours.

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