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Marina Geipel

Umhausen, Austria
Artist (Collages, Painting)
Born 1984
My artworks are a reminder that people and nature are one.

Marina Geipel is an Austria-based visual artist who creates intuitive collages and paintings exploring nature through abstract shapes and colors. Often in her works, she uses pieces and fragments of paper of unexpected shape to recreate emotional images of nature and fill them with new meanings.

Art inspired by the ever-changing seasons is a way to slow down and enliven small everyday encounters with nature.

Marina create my works from a million pieces of paper and colours and recreate brand-new images of nature. The most interesting topic of her work is the study of botanical elements, abstract shapes and colours. Working with paper allows to implement a new intuitive perception of space.

She uses old issues of newspapers, magazines and any other kind of paper for the creation of her collagesart because this paper allows to fill art works with new meanings and reminds that we should appreciate the natural resources. Marina work with the hope that her art will draw attention to the problems of human interaction with the environment. She is convinced that we should appreciate the beauty of nature and protect its resources!

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