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Lorraine Coffey

Clones, Co. Monaghan, Monaghan, Ireland
Artist (Painting, Sculpture)
Born 1970
"For it is the sound of stillness within Nature that captures the very essence of my soul." Lorraine Coffey


The stillness within Nature calls me to delve deeper and deeper within myself. To uncover the Truth of whom I am. Not only to experience that which exists outside of me but more importantly that which exists deep within me... so that I and the Truth of my being may be the "cause" of what I experience in this world.

This gift of Life is not only to experience the material world but to go within and uncover the limitless spirit that we each are. It is through the unending melody of Nature and the living prayer that is sounded at all times back to the creator, that I am called to traverse the doorway of my soul and enter into and join with this harmonic eternal love song. In gratitude I acknowledge the expansiveness and beauty of existence. It is in this dimensional space of stillness and weightlessness, between spirit and matter, that I may experience timelessness and become one with the beauty and power of the creative force and therefore I am called to sound the sound and the truth of my eternal being.

I have no formal training as an artist or sculpture but through my love of Nature and stillness and my desire to know the Truth, I have been led after many years working as an artist/painter to express my findings through sculpture. My first body of work in clay began in 2012. I see this as my lifetime's work which I with great reverence and humility present to you as:

"The RETURN of the GODS" incorporating the first body of work to be known as The VII Sounds- that which sounds the Sound of Creation.

After eleven years working as an artist/painter and holding a permanent gallery space in Ireland and France, Lorraine was inspired to commence a new body of work in clay…to be called The RETURN of the GODS..This new work became her passion. The first body of this work known as The VII Sounds. The seven sounds are available in bronze and resin. Lorraine was honored to exhibit two bronzes from the series no’s II and VI at the Ward-Nasse Gallery in New York, both works were sold to a private collector. Lorraine’s vision for the VII Sounds is to have a permanent exhibition whereby the VII will be shown together.

The VII Sounds represent the dimensions which Lorraine accesses in her search for truth. She sees these attributes as a calling from creation to return to our true and natural state of being. It is from this consciousness of acknowledging and allowing these vibrations/sounds to become us, that mankind may return to a state of balance and harmony with creation. Thus creating from a place of beauty and love.

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