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Natalie Levkovska

Vilnius, Lithuania
Artist (Drawing, Painting)
Born 1973

Natalie Levkovska is an experienced Lithuanian painter and illustrator. In 1995, she obtained a degree in stone, bone and wood processing from a master artist (Abramtsevo College of Applied Arts), and in 1999 she completed a degree in costume design (Vilnius Academy of Arts). She then became a costume designer for the cinema industry, and later a fur designer. In 2006, she decided to change her life: she moved to London to work in a design studio, and started to experiment oil painting.

She creates simple and poetic artworks, mixing surrealism and naive art. Her artistic universe is a kind of magic realism: she likes to show real life objects and try to bring out the magical pulsation of space. The plots of her creations are taken from her life: a birch glade near her house at different times of the year, the portrait of a loved one, her village in the snow... 

Natalie Levkovska have organized 19 personal exhibitions, participated in a lot of paintings and drawings events, and her drawings can be found in many private collections.

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