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Liudvikas Daugirdas

Artist (Painting)
Born 1959

Liudvikas Daugirdas is an artist who is faithful to the traditions established in the works of Lithuanian and world impressionists. The characteristic bold brush stroke and often contrasting colours of his paintings reveal something that is very personal – emotion and impression. Little attention to details and strong focus on the character and the essence of the painted object excites imagination, provoking to integrate one’s own personal experience into the picture plane.
The artist views nature as the source of beauty. A leaning tree, rustling bush, bubbling forest stream, flat fields and delicate flowers are his artistic inspiration. In his works, the artist sees the world as the integral part of our existence, rather than the replica of the environment or its transformation into artificial beauty in the paintings. The recurring motif of a reflection in water in the paintings is the manifestation of the artist’s individual and unique inner world reflected on the canvas.
Liudvikas Daugirdas lives in Vilnius. He is an architect by profession. At present, works in the field of graphic design.

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