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Kalliope Amorphous

New York, New York, United States
Artist (Photography)
Born unknown date

Kalliope Amorphous has been exploring dreamlike and surreal stories through fine art, portraits, experimental photography, and conceptual art for more than ten years. Whether she is digging into her own mind in self-portraits, taking pictures of the people and places around her, or trying out new conceptual ideas, Amorphous takes the viewer to a place where loneliness and fragility are balanced by moments of beauty.

Amorphous is a self-taught photographer who comes up with her own ways to take pictures. She does this by making her own lighting and trying out different materials, surfaces, mirrors, and in-camera distortion techniques. A lot of Amorphous's work uses reflections, blur, mirrors, and multiple exposures to lead the viewer through the artist's favorite themes: identity, death, time, and consciousness.

Kalliope is known all over the world for her creative and conceptual photography work. Her photos have been published and shown all over the United States and the world. They are in private collections in Spain, Romania, Germany, Holland, India, Russia, and the United States, among other places. She spends time in both Providence, Rhode Island, and New York City right now.

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