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Jure Kralj

Maribor, Slovenia
Artist (Photography)
Born 1989
Express yourself on your way, don't let trends determine who your are.

Jure Kralj, who likes to photograph streets, beats all the way to wildlife.. He wants to spend the rest of his life traveling across the world and discovering all of the earth's tiniest and most remote regions. He wants to portray how he sees the world through his images, even if it is sometimes dark and full of odd feelings.

He's always adored capturing city streets, metropolitan bustle, and animal life. In 2017, he began to dabble in art photography, which drew the attention of the AAMI institute in Ljubljana, which took him under their wing.

Jure Kralj is a self-thought young photographer from Maribor, Slovénia. In late 2013, he began his career. In 2018, he began to establish himself internationally, participating in two major exhibits in Milan and Amsterdam, and beginning to sell his artworks at auction. He was honored by the Slovenian Photography Association in 2019 for one of his limited-edition works. In 2020, he has exhibited in Prague, Edinburgh, and Ljubljana, Slovenia, twice.

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