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June Stapleton

Beaumont Du Ventoux, France
Artist (Painting, Sculpture)
Born 1949
Nature is my inspiration.

Born in Saltaire, Yorkshire in 1949.
Studied art at Manchester then Leeds College of Art and Design between 1967 and 1971
Moved to Vaucluse, France in 1978 with partner Paul Stapleton.

Before building our atelier, I began painting in watercolour, taking my chair and box of paints out into the countryside, inspired by the surrounding landscape and especially the giant Mount Ventoux. Much of my  work is marked by the triangular shape of the mountain.

I also love to paint trees, both wild and cultivated, the valley where I live has fruit orchards and vines, and I am attracted to the symmetry of the planting. I like the long view but also the intimacy of small vignettes taken from my photos. 

Once the studio was ready, and I could move on to larger work, I began to paint in acrylic. I find a particular affinity with Chinese calligraphy paper, very fine but very strong, and developed a technique similar to monotype so that the water based paint would not tear the paper. Once dry it is very resistant.

All my paintings are done in the studio, from impressions made on me while out walking, and photos I have taken.
Eventually I returned to painting on canvas, still using acrylic, but there is always a complementary series of work on paper as well.
My work has been evolving over the last 30 years and the landscape around me has continued to be my inspiration.
My paintings are influenced by 20th century European art, American abstract art since the 50's, also by Chinese and Japanese prints.

I exhibit locally and in Europe, and my work is in private collections around the world.

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