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Jeb Gaither

CARMEL, Indiana, United States
Artist (Digital Arts)
Born 1938
As an engineer/entrepreneur I am always fascinated by new ways to do things.

Artist Biography – Jeb Gaither

Jeb Gaither is both an engineer and entrepreneur. He has worked for international companies and has started and led companies in robotics and automation.

Now, in his 80"s, he is committed to his latest venture, ArtByAi –“Computers Creating Unique Abstract Art By Artificial Intelligence”. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is exactly what it says; it is "artificial". AI in no way compares with the creative genius of human artists.

Jeb has an Engineering PhD. However, his greatest education came from a Machinist Apprenticeship. He believes strongly that the best way to learn is through one’s mistakes and that you cannot learn much from people with whom you agree.

ArtByAi has sold its work in North America and Europe. 20% of the proceeds are donated to local charities.

My art project, ArtByAi –“Computers Creating Unique Abstract Art By Artificial Intelligence,” started when a friend asked if I could make a drone paint on canvas for an exhibition. After some simulations I concluded that, while it might be fun, the drone would be a limitation and the computer would do better creating "art" by itself.

I designed the software so the computer can never create the same image twice. Other individuals using ArtByAi create images that are very different from mine and one another.

I continually ask myself where will all this lead.

• ArtByAi could become an artist's tool by performing routine tasks, such as preparing backgrounds, freeing the artist to focus on creative activities.

 • ArtByAi could become a teaching tool. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with challenged children and youth, some of whom arrived in school not knowing the names of colors or shapes; others without ever experiencing the thrill of creating anything uniquely their own.

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