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Jacob Maler

Berlin, Deutschland
Künstler (Malerei)
Geboren in 1975

I was born in East Berlin/Germany and experienced the reunification of the two states of East and West Germany at the age of 14. A few years later, the European Union was founded.

Connections and links between different spaces, situations and distances play an important role in my art.

The red thread that runs through the work is not just red, but literally includes all colors. Threads, strings or even ropes are the materials that i use for the paintings and objects. Similar to Jackson Pollock's dripping art, i use the canvas as a means of expressing dynamics. Winds and curves - thus run through the entire surface are characterized on the canvas by the three-dimensional material of the wool threads.

Color connections and dynamic fields define the space and give an insight into the energetic processes in an abstract way of being.

I live and work in Berlin - Germany.

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