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Yongin, South Korea
Artist (Digital Arts, Painting)
Born 1969
I writing poetry using the tool of painting not language.

My name grymC [grim:si] means ‘poem written by painting’ in Korean language.

Complex emotions in my life, various events that I experience.… The people I meet and the scenery of the streets come across… Sometimes through the books I read and the works of other great artists… And above all else, I find clues to images and colors that flash in the beautiful nature.

I’m an explorer and a recorder rather than a painter. What I’m doing is writing poetry using a tool called painting, not language, with beautiful images and colors found in various lives and nature.

The reason why I write poetry with painting, not with words, is because I don’t know the language that properly embodies the beauty of the emotions and colors I felt. I paint because it’s too beautiful to express in language.

Even in objects and situations that are not good for anyone to see, I want to find unique beauty and record it so that it is not forgotten.

Through great works of art, we share the feelings of the artist beyond time and space. I also want to convey the emotions and colors I have experienced to the audience. Just as the work of great artists hundreds of years ago changed my life today, I hope my artwork will inspire your life with positive energy.

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