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Gelu Stanculescu

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Artist (Photography)
Born 1978

Gelu Stanculescu is a professional photographer who enjoys experimenting with concepts and shapes, balancing the sublime and the grotesque through an inside-outside perspective play in which light transforms into colors, colors splash into darkness, and darkness transforms into revealing.

He is currently working with a group of talented models. His work includes images ranging from a broken ballerina statue to a nightmarish contortion, as well as numerous original interpretations of mythical creatures, all dipped in vibrant splashes, dusty clouds, or ghostly fumes, exquisite body projections and neon shapes, gorgeous artistic nudes, wonderful aerial art, and daring and exhilarating bondage interpretations.

Gelu Stanculescu lives and works in Cluj-Napoca (Romania). His work can be found in a variety of private collections.

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