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Francesca Borgo

Treviso, Italy
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
Art always gifts me with time. Time to feel connected to land, sky, water and to my own skin, story and meaning.

Francesca Borgo is a contemporary Italian painter. By combining various materials, she is able to add subtle tactile elements that enhance the visual experience of her soothing and dreamy abstract landscapes. A former researcher in psychology, she has transferred her passion and interest for human expression and for the environment into her current aesthetic journey.

Her paintings encourage visitors to experience the serenity and poetry of being in equilibrium. They resemble shadows and glimmers of how we might feel a connection to nature, people, and even the simplest things.

Francesca Borgo was born in 1970, in Italy. Her works are in private collections in the USA, Europe and the UK. Recently one of her paintings has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts - Summer Exhibition 2022, London (UK).

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