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Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date

Like most children I was always interested in drawing and painting from an early age. I was lucky to have teachers who encouraged my interest and also lucky to have family friends who were artists. Visits to museums and galleries consolidated my focus and after my foundation year at art college there was never any direction I was going 

I tend consciously or unconsciously to absorb and respond to whatever is going on in the world around me, parochialy and globally.  

Recently for instance a string of unexpected political and environmental issues (Trumpism, Brexit, Blackives Matter, climate change, the global pandemic) have introduced a feeling of of uneasiness and unrest, a feeling I describe as the winds of change blowing through society at all levels. My work over the last two years has attempted in an abstract way to reflect this paradigm shift whilst trying not to lose sight of the essential joyfulness and beauty of our existential circumstances and to remain optimistic.

Like most artists I began as a figurative practitioner, indeed I believe a grounding in basic drawing skills and techniques is an essential starting point for aspiring artists. Even now I find time to draw from life and nature on a regular basis.

I am also very interested in the opportunities offered by new technologies and devote time to inquiry and investigation of digital ways of expression.

What drives me most however is my love of colour nurtured by the work of Kandinsky, Matisse, Abstract colourfield painting and Op Art.

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