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limbiate, Italy
Artist (Painting)
Born 1971

My painting proceeds behind the creation of images and immediately identifiable forms,it tries to avoid easy symbolic codes or of significance;if it tells something,it makes it leaving  the observer to partecipate to the narration through the sensations that the pictorial mixture and the chromatic masses can give him.I ask the public an active and - let's say - creative partecipation in the act of looking.
I try to be as subjective as possible,from here the necessity to be gestural,spontaneous,not to oppose resistence and give way to the expressive exigencies of this flow.
The final result has to keep and to refer to the observer those sensations that I proved in the unrepeatable act of life which has been the pictorial moment.

My art name is LAUTIR,I live and work near Milan,Italy.I was born in 1971.

- Scientific secondary School(1986-1990)
- Graduation in illustration-comics in MILAN (1990 -1993)
- Graduation in tattoo art in MILAN(2000)

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