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Beautiful paintings! I love your sensibility and the precision of your work. Keep it up!

Danny Duran Canada | Jan 16, 2011

Salut Casey, J'ai fait l'acquisition de trois de tes oeuvres et va faire acquisitions de d'autres de tes oeuvres. Je suis content de te connaître. Merveilleux. Eric T.

Eric Tardif | Sep 3, 2010

Hey Casey, They are all beautiful! I remember what you did in the garden at your Mom's place. I always loved it :o) -Pebbles

Pebbles | May 15, 2010

All of them are wonderful....Congratulations...

Yildirim Yıldırım Turkey | Oct 31, 2009

Ces oeuvres me rapellent un vers du Dante: "Come ultimo suo ciascuna artista" Para, XXX, 33

Jean Philippe Canada | Jul 11, 2009

Appreciates your work

红居堂画廊 天津市, China | May 8, 2009

Very Good work , Nice

Phil United States | Jan 8, 2009

Casey, Your art is a true reflection of who you are as a person in this world. I am honored to have had the privilege of visiting and seeing it in person and spending time with you. Thanks for showing me Montreal and keep bringing beauty into our world. Chuck

Chuck Franks United States | Nov 21, 2008

Merci pour le feux d'artifices intérieur que provoque la découverte de tes toiles. Ce sont comme des explosions d'émotions heureuses qui semblent vouloir s'évader vers ceux qui ont la chance de découvrir ton oeuvre!

Claude Canada | Nov 3, 2008

Hi Casey, when do you suppose to paint another moving painting like the one you made to the moon on the Adda river? Hugs from Italy. Massimo

Massimo Caglioni Italy | May 27, 2008

Hi Casey, its a chance that you have made exposition of your art, I think I m jalous, good work:) bye bye Maxime

Maxime | May 16, 2008

handsome AND talented!!!........... best wishes from new orleans! Hope to have one in my collection one day.......soon. ;-)

Harry United States | May 13, 2008

handsome AND talented!!! wishes from new orleans! Hope to have one in my collection one day.......soon. ;-)

Harry United States | May 13, 2008

The only thing Greater than your art is my meatball recipe. Hope to see you soon! Tony of Cape Cod

Tony United States | Mar 20, 2008

Bonjour Casey, J'ai fait l'acquisition de 2 de tes ouvres. Elle sont devant moi au travail tous les jours. Elles sont pleines de soleil et d'amour de la vie. Quand je les regarde, je pense à ton rire communicatif. Merci d'égayer mon espace de travail au quotidien et félicitations pour ton travail. Danielle Desroches

Danielle Desroches Canada | Jan 5, 2008

Wow! Très, très beau. J'aime les couleurs et la simplicité de tes toiles. J'ai hâte d'en voir "Live". Ghislain

Ghislain Canada | Dec 27, 2007

bel univers,magnifique!

Stephane France | Dec 13, 2007

Hi Casey Nice work! Hope to see you someday J

Jan United States | Dec 8, 2007

Casey: merci pour tes bons mots, grands compliments venant de ta part...j'en ai encore tant à apprendre quand je vois ton travail! Vivement que je visite ton atelier!

Anne-Julie | Jul 3, 2007

Salut Casey, Plein de talent mon cher! Aller vas-y, au bout de toi-même... À bientôt, Yves

Yves Parent Canada | Dec 27, 2006

I found your website in error good to see that antother Casey is doing well.

Dr. Val Iran | Dec 26, 2006

vCasey I love your artwork very much...Tamra was right you have a great talent. I wish you the best in health and your dreams...and keep them comming for all to enjoy.

Natalie Kokinda United States | Nov 22, 2006

Salut Casey, je t'avais dit que j'irais voir ton site, beaucoup de talent, diversifié et beaucoup coloré. Tu es dans ton domaine c'est sûr. Au plasir de te revoir.:-)

Richard Therrien Canada | Nov 16, 2006 have done so much since i last saw you in mtl. i am so happy for you and your work is beautiful!! will tells me you are happy and well. i miss you all dearly!! love jenn xoxxooxoxoxoxox

Jennifer Connolly Canada | Nov 7, 2006

What LIFE! and ENERGY! in your work, fantastic! Will definitely mark your site as a favourite and keep watching for new creations!

Christopher Canada | Oct 27, 2006

Your art is pure color in continuous exquisite expression of the life full of that

Víctor Canada | Oct 28, 2005

Your works are absolutely wonderful Casey.

Lori A. Panama | Dec 27, 2005

The sensitivity, use of colour and narrative nature of each work is something quite unique. I feel quite honoured to have been able to acquire some of this young artists' work.

Dr Alan Canada | Jan 2, 2006

Tres beau travail, J'aimes bien ce que tu fais, Continu le beau travail Casey

Dedericks Francois Canada | Feb 20, 2006

Wonderful work Casey -- would love to see them up close and personal .............

Jack Reedy Panama | Mar 8, 2006